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Was a prime location for factories with the natural power of the river.

Welcome to Coatesville

Located in Chester County of Pennsylvania nearly 40 miles outside of Philadelphia, Coatesville has a population of roughly 13,000. Originally named “Bridge-Town,” due to the two bridges over the Brandywine River, Coatesville was a prime location for factories with the natural power of the river. It was the steel industry that had flourished in Coatesville in particular for many years and played a large part in the city’s growth over time. As an interesting fact, Lukens Steel Company had built steel beams that were used in the construction of the World Trade Center in NYC. Some of these beams had remained after the 2001 attacks and were sent back to Coatesville to be used at the proposed National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum.
Today Coatesville has been in the works to plan for the redevelopment of the city by tearing down public housing and encouraging new private projects in efforts to revitalize its downtown. As a nod to its history there remain several dwellings including the High Bridge, National Bank of Coatesville Building, Clement Atkinson Memorial Hospital, and Terracina to name a few that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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